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Advice From Experts

Our goal is to keep your fishing machine running for your every year. Our service staff attends annual Yamaha Certified technical training and stays current on all outboard motor technologies. We recommend service every 100 hours for your Yamaha Outboard motor; so, call us today to make an appointment!

Do you need information on how to maintain your engine the best way? Come by our service department, and we can point you in the right direction with the best advice. Our service department is Volvo Certified and will only steer you in the right direction.

Install a 10-micron water separating fuel filter, and use fuel additives such as Yamaha’s Ring Free to keep your fuel system in top condition. Using Yamaha’s engine oil can also provide optimum conditioning of internal engine components.

Our Standards & Quality

What kind of service are you really getting?

Keep in mind that you depend on your vessel to make it to the fishing grounds, and back home. That is why our service staff always goes the extra mile to ensure that your motor will indeed provide the best service possible.

The Seasonal Service at Johnson Marine; What is included?

Our extensive seasonal service goes far beyond an oil change, and it should! Outboards and Stern Drives have different services techniques, however the process is similar. We check all fluids and change all oils, spark plugs are examined and replaced if needed, fuel filters are changed, cylinders are de carbonized, idle is adjusted, timing belt tension is checked, all belts and hoses are examined, shift and throttle cables are checked to be properly secured and adjusted, and much more. For details on your engine, please call our service department.

Our Customer First Program:

Any customer that has purchased a vessel or engine from Johnson Marine, has the ability to obtain priority when needing service at Johnson Marine. Of course, this comes with the responsibility of making appointments prior to showing up; but we aim to please our customers, and you always come first.

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